Annika Vasalampi

On module 5, there couldn´t be a better time for me to study project management in technology implementation. Since I started my studies at EU-Master care & technology, my position on my organization has changed. Starting 10 years ago as a public health nurse, due to my interest to new technologies and adoption of technology in organizations, new possibilities have arisen. What started as helping colleagues with their problems on using new technologies, is now developing into professional skills of implementation and project management. I´m lucky. My organization appreciates my education and so far I have been able to participate on many EHR-based projects, recently as a project manager. On May, during the campus week at Pori, we had a symposium. My presentation of my research design led to connection with Nordic enterprise mobility forum, NEM360, and me to be one of the speakers and a panelist on 9th February at Stockholm. My presentation will be about mobility in the public sector and implementing mobile solutions in homecare services. I can only imagine, what happens when I have graduated.

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