Desiree Hobbelen

Experience Master Care& Technology

Already started with module 2 from the master. Users in care context and methods of evaluation.

In February we had campus week in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It was so nice to see everybody again face to face. Our contact is mainly true Zoom or Whatsapp, mail.Contact at distance is working good and it fits into my daily life with family, work and social contacts. But it feels good to meet fellow students and teachers once in a while.

It was an intensive week with lots of information and interesting site visits. We were guests at Philips Design and we joined a creative session with designers from Philips to understand what “care” is really about and how products should fit in the primary care process.

We visited an organisation for elderly care in Eindhoven (Vitalis) to share experiences with technological solutions. In practice it seems hard to search for the right match between users and technology. Also acceptance from employees in care to use technology is not easily done. It is al long process that needs a lot of attention and guidance.

Of course we received lots and lots of theory, methods and good examples to do research. A very interesting subject is changing environment in health care. How is this translated into daily routines and how do you connect this with technology.

At this moment we students are working on assignments. Partly together on a new content for a Wiki, and individual. Results and differences from Finland and the Netherlands are going to be compared.It is nice to learn from each other and create a network of smart people with matching interests.

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