Desiree Hobbelen

Finally we closed module 2A and 2B in april and with good grades!

Every module is giving me more direction into users’ needs and how to gain knowledge.

Doing interviews with nurses, writing an advice to the organisation after doing practical research and reading literature is helping me improve my skills as researcher. And it is so much fun to go into the working field and talk to users of technology! Me as manager who has more distance from the working field, but still is a nurse from background, and very interested in how technology is working in daily practice, happy to be in this environment again.

Learning from people’s story’s and trying to improve the use of technology. That is quite different than making decisions as a manager for end-users from technology. I am glad I have this chance to work with end-users because I am sure it will improve quality within my organisation.

Now we are starting with the next module; ethics and social issues, service delivery and choosing research methods. Particularly ethics I find fascinating because it is of great influence in this crazy and fast world of technology. I think it is good and very much needed to talk about these kinds of ethical issues to make sure we can start up discussions about technology and its purpose. I noticed we have lots of active discussions in these lessons!

In about two weeks we are expected in Finland to join next campus week. It will be nice to meet everyone again face to face. I am looking forward to all the lessons, new teachers and site-visits.

I am sure it will be very interesting!

See u next time!


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