Desiree Hobbelen

Campus week Portugal

In the last week from October our class went to Portugal, to the university of Beira Interior in Covilha. Module 5 has been started and it is all about project management and implementation, CE marking and making progress on my thesis. Very interesting week with good teachers and nice site visits.

My puzzle about the concept of positive health and how to translate this subject into this Master is making progress with the arrival of a digital instrument by the institute of positive health and of course my own personal process in figuring out which path I have to take to do good research. Working together is very supportive, us students and teachers helping each other.

Very intensive work to do next weeks when assignments need to be made and learning every day.

Within my organisation technology is becoming more and more important. One group of enthusiastic people are going to support the organisation to learn about technology in very different forms. Let nurses become aware of what exists, finding out what is needed and take the right steps to use it. I am happy to be a part of this group and having a chance to bring knowledge into my organisation. Good teamwork!

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