Désirée Hobbelen - Module 4

As module 4 is ending this weekend, my thoughts are about what this module brought me. In a nutshell;

Business process mapping, flow charts, Lean Six Sigma, Voice of Customers, flowdowns, project charters, user requirements, technical solutions, search strategies, program of requirements, products, suppliers, change management and user needs…

Campus week was in Deventer were we received education at Saxion University. Next to theory and playing games, it was good to see each other again, and we are all getting more familiar with the topics we are working on. Beautiful and inspirational site visits such as Topicus, Deventer hospital.

What a fun module to learn because it had focus on processes and technical solutions. Trying to find the best technological solution for the end- user within a certain context. Learned a lot from the teachers, all very professional and helpful guiding us in this search.

But how did it end?

For me the new definition on health is the puzzle. Positive Health is of great importance within my organisation and this will have great impact on how professionals think and act in primary care. But how does this relate to technology? Should technology be helpful for professionals to understand and learn about Positive Health? Or do professionals first need to understand the concept of Positive Health to use technology? I still don’t know jet at this moment, but I have great confidence that my puzzle will be answered soon…

This module brought me new insights in what end users’ needs are to translate Positive Health into daily practice. Of course professionals are willing to learn, and of course they want to use technology when they have good guidance and are involved within the process.

This story will be continued…

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