Desiree Hobbelen

Motivation joining Master C&T

In my work field technology is on a low level. The organisation is searching to increase using technology for her patients and staff.

Experimenting with innovative tools is fortunately encouraged and experimenting with all forms of technology is increasing within the organasation.

My field of interest is technology; how is technology usable for our clients and staff? Within the organisation we have robots, Paro, magic tables, smart watches, medicine boxes etc.

My experience is that suppliers of technology often “sell” their technological solutions to companies,but seem to forget what end-users really want to solve their problem.

I experience a gap between technical companies and care organisations. These 2 different worlds don’t seem to understand each other enough to build a successful co-creation.

I joined this master to gain knowledge on users of technology and how successful co-creation will grow by working together.

We started with module 1. Working together as students on a distance by video-communication, whats-app, mail etc.

This form of studying is working perfectly fine by me. Besides my work I can easily follow lessons, work on assignments and have contact with fellow students or teachers. We have the opportunity to follow lessons in the evenings at home by video-communication. It saves time and is fun to do!

Module 1 is almost finished, proud of the outcomes!

Désirée Hobbelen

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