Heidi van Mullekom

In my job as clinical nurse specialist on the neonatal intensive care, I’m confronted daily with (new) technology and innovations.

While implementing these technology’s, I see a gap in what users get and what users need, therefore the technology is not well known and therefore not well accepted. During the course , becoming an expert in care and technology, I hope to be able to bridge this gap. During the EU master Care and Technology, I expect to learn methods and models to identify opportunities for change and improvement. Caregivers are confronted with daily problems that technology could provide a solution. This can be done by bringing different disciplines together, to work closely together on solutions and implementing new technology and innovation. Improving safety and efficiency for staff and patients.

During the first module, I ‘ve learned a lot about the innovation mission of my organization and users and how I can benefit better acceptance of technology in care. I experienced a strong point during the first module of the course, learning to look at both sides; technology and medical care. The opportunities of existing technological innovations and the unawareness of the medical staff on this innovations. Learning about developmental process and user research, it came clear to me that organizations, manufacturers and users have to work more closely together to get technology accepted. An organization wants to innovate but someone has to manage that. The international character of the course gives me the opportunity to get acquainted with other cultures and helps to build an international network. The on a distance learning methods has opportunity’s to work together internationally, e.g. in a virtual classroom, without travelling.