Heidi van Mullekom

Already more than halfway module two, my knowledge of user research, methods of evaluation and users in care context is expanding.

In my organization I notice an increasing awareness of the fact that I follow the Master Care and Technology.

Okay, whát do you want to know from end users that actually use technology in care?

Usability, usefulness, ease of use?

I think I have something for you. When can we schedule an interview so I can tell you about my experiences with some technology? And what I think that I need instead of what I get.

I get more and more support from the organization because they see what I'm doing, and they begin to see the potential benefits for the organization; early user involvement leads to better acceptance at implementation!

The context is getting clearer and clearer, secretly I start dreaming of what I can accomplish in the future as a Master Care & Technology.

What the future will look like is still uncertain, but it is certain that something will change.

So let’s move on to the next modules…..