Heidi van Mullekom

The summer holiday will be a short one this year, continuing on module four.

The search for existing technologies is a challenging one in the world of continuously emerging new technologies.

Before you know you become entangled in the huge maze of information about technology on the Internet.

So it is nice to learn scanning techniques and methodologies to organize a targeted search.

Learning to use Business Process Management Notification (BPMN) helps to get quick inside in processes and make a graphic map of it so the process is easy to understand for all stakeholders. Points for improvement can be identified in the process. The use of the BPMN in my daily practice, already helped me to improve (technological) processes.

And oh, the summer break will be fine with the learning on a distance possibilities of this Master;

The picture proofs it; web lecture on a rooftop terrace in Marrakech during a short city break with my daughter; class still continues !!

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