Heidi van Mullekom

The development of new technologies for health care goes on and on. It is an unstoppable waterfall of opportunities. I am convinced that these technologies can make a major contribution to improve quality and safety of healthcare.
But still there is little work done on proper implementation of these new technologies.
So the theme of module 5B is very welcome: Implementation.

By learning to manage a technology- implementation plan step by step I hope to become an expert in implementing (new) technology in healthcare.

And what about risks of technology for healthcare? Are we aware of them and can European regulations keep on track with this fast growing market? Learning how to make a risk analysis and to setup a clinical evaluation for health technology, makes me aware of these problems that automatically come with emerging technologies.

During the campus week at the Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI)in Covilha, Portugal,we had the opportunity to discuss these themes with several highly skilled and proficient professors. They also gave us a glimpse into the world of fundamental research for health.

It was a very inspiring week. Again I have seen how much research is done all over Europe for the future of health!

And of course we have enjoyed the good food, drinks, weather and the friendly people of Portugal, completed by a great “Lisbon in one day” experience.

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