Michiel Faber

When I am telling people that I am participating in the master Care & Technology people often make a quick link to the introduction of robots. ‘So you will be the guy who will introduce us to working with robots?’

These comments make me wonder whether people can truly embrace new technology in the work field. However when I question people on their thoughts of the usage of technology I find that the ideas are more divers than some of the primary responses. Especially the young generation seems to seek for the opportunity to use more of the available technology in the psychiatric care. This motivates me a lot. 

At first I was thinking about introducing and performing research on big themes like wearable technology or video communication with clients. In the modules I participated in I figured out that I need to take a step back. It starts with understanding why people use certain technology and which conditions have to be set. User involvement is of great essence and within my organisation I believe this trend has started. I start to realise that you need have or to find enthusiastic and curious colleagues that are willing to explore the possibilities of certain technology to improve the quality of care.

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