Nadine Spierts

1st period Master CT (September 2015 – January 2016)

The first group Master CT students, a challenge and privilege!

Teachers were clear from the beginning about expectations from us as students: .share experiences, give feedback, think about education redesign, be flexible, be critical!..

The first period began with a campus week in Heerlen (Zuyd University) in which we first met our teachers and other students. From the start a nice group and easy to get along with. Most of the time the way of teaching was very pleasant because we get informed about the subject by a short presentation and after this we need to make an assignment with a small group of students and talked about the outcomes at the end of the lesson. One evening a social activity was planned in which we went to Valkenburg and cooked a Italian dinner. I choose to drove the Finnish people to Valkenburg the touristic way and we kind of lost our way and laughed about being lost in a place that is close to my home. After this I can say technology (navigation system) is needed near home also. 

During the first period we realized three modules, in which one module (1a) was about making a wiki about gaming and care with a group of three students. It was a challenge to collaborate at distance, make clear appointments and all find time to come to a pretty result. The next group assignment I will use this experience by using an efficient planning from the beginning and make clear agreements with the group about expectations to one another.

Another module (1b) was about methods of development in which each person needs to perform five assignments about for example stakeholders, SWOT analyses, user research methods, user research practice and the DESTEP model. An interesting module, even though there were some critical comments about the content of the webinars (in this case webinars are online presentations with a group of students and teachers).

The third module (1c) was about performing a literature study directed to the master problem I bring in. This module also was interesting and I learned a lot from the feedback from the teachers in all modules.

Period 1 is finished now and I am happy I accomplished it!

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