Nadine Spierts

Time flies when you are busy and having fun!

Both modules (2A and 2B) of the second period I finalized with good or excellent grades! A feeling of proudness and happiness overwhelmed me.

User centeredness is the main focus of all modules so far and this is very important in selecting, improve or developing technologies in care.

It was a challenge and really inspiring and interesting to perform an interview with an occupational therapist (OT) with the aim to get insights in experienced problems in collaboration with all people involved in work process. Because originally I am an occupational therapist and I read some literature about experienced problems in collaboration, I assumed I knew a lot already about this topic. Even though a lot OT mentioned was familiar, also some new information emerged. To perform this interview, I developed an interview guide and because I did not expect OT had 23 groups of collaboration partners to discuss, the interview costs too much time and we were not able to finalize it. Coding all gathered data was a challenge too and from both, developing an interview guide and analyzing data, I learned a lot.

Writing an advice to an organization was hard for me because difficulties with selecting the important from the less important results and know what the organization for which I wrote a advise, needs and expects. After all I was able to write an advice and finally managed to make it concrete instead of great amount of papers. A worthy learn experience.

Next campus week of third period will be in Pori (Finland) where lessons of ethics, service delivery and choosing research methods take place. Ethics is an area I have great interest in. In personal life it was something I already paid attention for in a way of talking about ethical issues with friends and family and writing blogs about. Now we gather knowledge about theories behind it and how people can see several things. Very interesting!


Because it is not that regular you visit several countries during a master, I choose to visit and see some highlights of Helsinki a couple of days before campus week takes place. City trip vs education, I like it!  

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