Tim van de Geijn

From theory to practice

A lot has changed over the course of one year. Combining my work, as an occupational therapist with a master in care and technology was certainly one of the best choices I have made in my life.

Over the last couple of months I got the opportunity to engage in several technology related projects in our healthcare setting. There I got the opportunity to practice and implement the competences that were addressed in the previous modules.

The healthcare setting I work for named Sevagram, a healthcare organization focused on geriatric care wanted to implement new technology that has the potential to impact the current care process. As the hardware was purchased but not yet adapted to the needs and wishes of the end-users, in this case the care professionals and patients. I felt that I could contribute by pointing out the importance of user-centred design.

Gradually I became a full member of the project team, using the knowledge gained on a daily base from the master course and implementing it in practice. Healthcare processes were analysed, end-users were interviewed, focus groups were organized, all with the goal to create a healthcare system that is user-orientated and innovative.

During the project I realized that the previous modules helped me in approaching problems and care processes from a more holistic approach. As the months went by, the technology developed more and more and a couple of weeks ago we finally started with the implementation on the first floor of the rehabilitation centre. It was a great accomplishment, not only for Sevagram but also for myself. The organisation gave me the chance to enhance and develop my skills, and transfer my knowledge from theory into practice. I got acquainted with formulating research questions, different methods of development, process analysis and redesign, and taking into account ethical issues regarding technology in healthcare.

At the end they rewarded me with a place in the innovation platform of my organisation, which means that I can continue with implementing my knowledge from theory into practice.


Tim van de Geijn 

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