Tim van de Geijn

The ageing of the population is one of the greatest long-term challenges facing the EU.

In the future the cost of long-term healthcare has to be reimbursed by a relatively smaller working population. The numbers of elderly with complex medical conditions are steadily growing. There is an increasing demand in providing qualitative good healthcare and assistance in nursing homes, which needs to be delivered by a relatively smaller working population.At this point in time healthcare organizations are struggling with their budget. The significant problems we have in maintaining a high standard of quality in long-term healthcare cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. The economic recession has an impact on the way healthcare organizations make decisions. Most choices are based on quick wins or to get the edge over the competition instead of providing high standard and long-term healthcare. Therefore organizations fail to make choices based on the durability of long-term healthcare. It is important to establish an act of urgency to change the way we think, because eventually the short-term solutions will result in long-term problems and in a decrease in the quality of healthcare.

During my current job activities I am merely able to influence issues on micro management level. By doing this master I want to enhance my knowledge and skills to address and solve problems on a macro management level or even international level. In my opinion future healthcare should be able to provide a good quality of healthcare with less funds. The use of technology is inevitable if we try to maintain quality in long-term healthcare. Technological developments are exponentially increasing. Terms like innovation and eHealth are already popular at management level but implementing technology in healthcare organizations is not making the progress it could. I am convinced that the healthcare system as it works today will slowly dissolve. Technology should revolutionize healthcare. At this point in my career I lack the right tools and knowledge to actively participate in the healthcare-innovation dialogue. Therefore, I feel the necessity to develop myself in order to keep healthcare affordable and of high quality. This is the reason I enrolled in the master Care & Technology.


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