Désirée Hobbelen: Trip to Lighthouse (module 3)

Module 3 is finished. We had a great trip to Finland, Pori were the campus week was organized.

This module consisted of 3 parts: Ethics, service delivery and research methods. Although I learned a lot, it was tough this time. Much new materials in a short period, next to work and social life. But we all managed to learn and received good grading’s! Theory and practice helps me to understand more about technology in relation to my work field. Every time it gets easier to connect and create links to users of technology and how the organisation will translate this process.

Working together as a group is improving. We help each other by providing feedback.

Module 4 already started and the topics are Business Process Management and knowledge of existing technology. Now it seems we will receive more knowledge about the technical point of view. That is interesting!

In about 2 weeks we will travel to Deventer at the university of Saxion. We will meet each other again and work together. Sometimes I experience some stress (when deadlines are there), but overall this master is about creativity and fun in what we all achieve!

See u next time! 

trip to lighthouse module 3.png