Organizing and Implementing innovation

Many care professionals have reservations about using available new technologies. Because they are a poor fit with procedures in health care provision. Experts in care and technology are needed to bridge this gap and help shape a future-proof health care system.


Health care organizations need to incorporate new technologies to transform their services. And professionals need to adapt to take full advantage of these solutions. Only then can the delivery of quality care be sustained. Poor usability of the currently available technology is a barrier to change. Developers often lack in-depth knowledge of care practices. This leaves them unable to incorporate the characteristics of care delivery in new technology. Ideally, designers and future users work together to define and develop new technological approaches. This places user-centred design and co-creation at the heart of the research and development process.

Drive the transition

Thus, technology mediated health care innovation relies on experts who can bridge the gap between disciplines. They drive innovation in care provision through practical application of new technologies. They identify opportunities for change and improvement, bring together people from different professional backgrounds, and manage complicated implementation processes. If you are an ambitious professional motivated to implement technology in your workplace, you can become a key player in the transition in health care provision. The European Master Care and Technology will provide you with the knowledge and competences you need. As an Expert in Care and Technology, you will be in high demand.