Brief summary of the master

The European Master Care and Technology is a two-year programme for professionals in health care provision. It provides students with the theoretical ability and hands-on expertise to drive innovation in their place of work.

Year 1

During the first year, students are introduced to the field of care and technology. They learn about methods for user-centred design and development. In addition, they gain insight in user-orientation, business and innovation. Focusing on a topic of their choice, students start working on a research and development plan. This is the groundwork for a Master’s thesis that is to be completed at the end of the programme.All practical assignments are related to the student’s own workplace. This means students acquire highly relevant knowledge and skills.



"All practical assignments are related to the student's own workplace."

 Year 2

During the second year, students focus on strategies and methods for implementation. These are demonstrated and used during group assignments on different subjects relevant to the student’s place of work. Students fine-tune their research and development proposal and execute their research and development plan. Next, they write their Master’s thesis. Students conclude the programme with a thesis defence in front of a committee.


Throughout the programme

Throughout the programme, students conduct research on a topic that is relevant and important to their own workplace. As a result, their Master’s thesis is a valuable document for their organization. It reflects the rich and varied learning environment from which the students benefit during the programme. They develop close relationships with fellow students from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities. They spend seven one-week periods at the campuses of partner institutions participating in the programme. This provides them with first-hand insight into the differences in the area of health and technology within Europe.