Period 1

1A Introduction to care and technology (5EC)

You are introduced to the programme and have the opportunity to get acquainted with your fellow students. You become familiar with the digital learning environment and set up your personal digital portfolio.

Next, you explore the user-perspective in care and technology. You learn about current care systems in Europe, social and demographic changes, and the need for changes in health care provision. While technology bears great potential for a new approach, we ask why implementation has not been very successful to date. User-centred design and development is discussed as an appropriate strategy. You also gain insight in the principles of “design for all” and “usability”.

1B Methodology of development (8EC)

This module presents you with a toolbox of methods and their applications to support user-centred design and application of technology. You learn when and how to apply these methods, and what conditions are needed for successful implementation. You determine a strategy and select methods to solve a business case. Your solution will meetuser, functional and technical requirements.

1C Performing a literature study (6EC)

The literature study results in the formulation of the research question for your thesis. So in this module, you conduct a systematic literature review on a chosen topic and write the introductory chapter of your research proposal. This includes a problem statement and a description of the theoretical background, based on scientific literature. You learn to apply the APA-reference style.