Period 3

3A Ethical and societal issues(4EC)

Innovative development and the implementation of new technology in health care settings, requires careful consideration of ethical, legal and societal issues. In this module, you gain insight into cultural diversity, differences between countries, and social responsibility. You also learn how to apply the method of ethical reasoning. You show how these concepts apply to the workplace by writing an essay about ethical, legal and societal issues in the context of your thesis topic.

3B Service delivery (re)design (4EC)

The delivery of care services is changing due to demographic and societal trends. Health care policies in Europe promote inclusion and aim to enable citizens to take ownership of and responsibility for their own health issues. Historically, the development of technologies used in care provision has been technology or producer-driven. This needs to change. Services and incorporated devices will become much more purposeful, functional, accessible and easy to use if more attention is paid to the needs and wishes of end-users. These include customers, care professionals, and (in)formal caregivers.

Service delivery re-design comprises sustainable and cost-effective service infrastructure, embedded multi-professional approaches, engagement of smart technology, and the assurance of safe and secure services. The designs must be applicable to multiple environments, including extramural ones. And they must be in line with ethical and legal aspects.

In this module you learn to identify and describe service systems related to users’ needs in your region. You will become more aware of similarities and differences between such systems across Europe. The module includes individual and group assignments and activities that require you to analyse influencing factors, trends and strategies.

3C Choosing research methods (2EC)

Having written the introductory chapter of your research proposal in unit 1C, you now move on to your methods chapter. In this module, you determine which research design and methods are best suited to answer your research question(s). You base your choice on research methodology literature. In addition, you motivate your choices from an ethical, a societal, a human and a technical perspective. You outline instruments for data collection, and develop a timetable for conducting your study. Depending on your chosen research design, you may learn that your study is subject to approval from a medical-ethical committee.