Period 4

4A Knowledge of existing technology and how to find it (4EC)

There is a continuous stream of technological advances that may or may not be helpful in a care environment. In this module, you learn to match specific technologies with specific situations. You develop the knowledge and skills to search for fitting technologies in existing databases, and to separate hype from real innovation. You learn to identify the characteristics of technological developments and to determine whether application will be feasible. Analysis of existing technology will help you identify gaps between present applications and the support that is needed. It helps you to make responsible choices with costs and benefits in mind.

4B Process analysis and re-engineering (6EC)

You learn how to lead change in the workplace in response to rapid developments in technology and care processes. This involves analysing, restructuring and redesigning work schemes in order to successfully incorporate technology as a supportive means. Human functioning is essential in this process. Therefore you learn to take a structured and achievable approach regarding knowledge of technological characteristics and conditions of use. In this approach, economical, safety, legal, social and ethical aspects are taken into account. The process also clarifies the position of stakeholders, thus identifying co-creation as a design principle.