Period 5

5A Safety issues and regulations (6EC)

When designing and implementing technology for care, you must adhere to legal, quality, and safety regulations. In this module, you learn how to conduct a risk analysis and identify legal, quality and safety risks in project proposals. In addition, you implement a piece of safety and regulation advice in your own workplace, demonstrating your ability to develop (part of) a manual, and to teach other health care professionals good operational practices. You must also know how to proceed in an emergency situation.

5B Implementation (7EC)

You learn how to manage an implementation process that involves the use of technology in care. Taking an actual case from your workplace, you develop and use project management tools. Your implementation plan covers stakeholder selection and accountability; analysis of technical, management, and health care issues; and consideration of ethical and legal aspects, including patents. You are expected to demonstrate leadership and collaboration, along with a thorough understanding of health technology assessment and adoption.

5C Data handling methods (4EC)

You learn several techniques for data collection and analysis in qualitative and quantitative research. The data collection techniques include interviews, questionnaires, experiments and case studies. Data analysis techniques cover various ways to analyse interviews, and statistical analysis.