Enrolment is open

Enrolment of students to enter the course in September 2015 is open

To support the accreditation of the master Care and Technology a visitation visit was organized under auspices of the Dutch Flemish accreditation organization. The meeting was held in Heerlen on June 3rd 2015.

This committee discussed with representatives of the management of the participation organizations, with the course management team, the examination committee and with representatives of the workfield committee. In intensive discussions all aspects of the course were viewed. (Content, learning objectives, learning conditions, student interaction, and assessment) .

This committee will write an extensive report that covers the required criteria.

At the end of the day the visitation committee shared their conclusion. It stated that the master course represents an innovative answer to the challenges set by present societal needs. The educational model used is very promising. The commission forwarded some recommendations that will safeguard the intended quality. The commission stimulated course management to make all necessary preparations and start in September this year.

The consortium is pleased by this result of the visitation. The enrolment of students to enter the course in September 2015 is opened. Applications handed in before August 1st will be considered.

Here you’ll find the application form